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Blankness and Black Ice

24 Mar

I can’t be the one to watch as you waste away
Losing everything that made you who you were
Forgetting, as if the last seventy years were never
Just a false pretense to get you by

Watching your face light up when you see me
So many miles away, our fingers almost touch
Bust still so far backwards and through space
Almost back to you just you and me together

I’m not sure if you’d be better off locked up
In a place where it’s you saving me and not me
Watching as you unravel from the end to the beginning
Backwards in time though the memories

All the lost time that you could’ve lived now
Still a slave to all the ties that you’ve made
Scared of all the things that used to be a part of you
Afraid to move and make a mistake

Can’t help but look away from the blankness in your eyes
All the things you don’t recall from the past and present
Like you’re going in circles trapped in your own mind
The worst price for all that you’ve paid

It’s only the passing of that that has you moving
No destination no target for the first time in your life
Taking away all the things you once worked toward
Given up in the face of forgetting

The things you once gave up and never got back
Sacrifices for the good of another day
That never came and is only slipping farther away
All the best years come and gone

If only time could pass slower so I could hold on tighter
Remind you of all the things that once used to be
But slipping away so quickly with no prior warning
Like back ice, there and unexpected



23 Mar

Through the sunny skies
A single snowflake

Like me and you
Tangled together

Ice on asphalt
Who will win the fight

Like the first argument
Your bite and my heart

A pool in the light
So small, reflecting, it

Like you leaving again
I blend into the walls

The calm before the storm
The next curtain call

Like the last fight
Who got sent packing

Beneath the cracks
Slipping away slowly