Back And At It… Sort Of

6 Jan

After veganmofo, I stopped posting much.  I was a bit tired of trying to find things to write about.  I also stopped taking as many photos of my food.  Which is kind of sad because I’ve made some pretty yummy things. 

On the running side, lots (ish) has happened.  After my crappy November of mileage, I’ve been back up at 30+ miles per week.  I got new Mizuno Wave Rider 13s on sale in December to replace my Asic Gel Pulse shoes since I was having arch pain in my right foot.  I like the light weight of the Wave Riders but I think they may be just a touch tight… either way, they don’t sit quite perfectly on my feet *sigh*  Well, I paid for them so I’m going to run in them.  As long as I don’t lace them too tight, they seem to work.  They’re kind of temperamental… some days, they’re great.  Others they’re kind of meh. 

I also ran the KW Resolution Run 5k on January 1… 29:46, which is 4 seconds above my Mississauga 5k time, but this wasn’t chip timed and I have my doubts about the length of this route.  I admit that I didn’t run it full out at all (about 3/4 through the race I realized that I wasn’t even breathing heavily, which is a sign that I’m not racing very hard)… it just didn’t feel like a race, more like a group of people out to run 5k.  *shrugs*  I have most of my 2011 races planned out and they’ve been added to the race history page… along with my potentially unrealistic goals.  Ah well.

Back to food…

Dear Soup: I think you are my best friend, especially on cold winter days.  Maybe tied with stew and mugs of hot chocolate or green tea.

 Moroccan Red Lentil Soup: Taken from Alice in Paris add carrots, minus tomato paste, sub sweet potato for normal potatoes, sub 3 tomatoes for canned tomatoes, less sour cream and parsley.  Not bad but needed more spices… more salt.  And I never say that!


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