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veganmofo 17: What Do You Do With Leftover Bagels?

25 Nov

Remember those cinnamon raisin bagels I made last week?  While they weren’t bad, they weren’t great enough for me to want to sit around and eat piles of them.  And the recipe made a pretty good pile of bagels.  I guess I could have frozen them, but I didn’t think of that soon enough.  So what does one do with leftover bagels?

Make bagel chips, of course!

Slice thinly (thinly!), place on a baking sheet, spray or brush top with melted butter or olive oil or canola oil.  Bake for about 15 minutes at 375 (watch them so they don’t burn… timing depends on your oven and location).  Eat.

Great way to get rid of my leftover bagels.  Also the reason that I pretty much sat down and ate something like 3 bagels without even thinking about it.  Oops.