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veganmofo 12: More Cookies!

18 Nov

I know it’s beginning to sound like all I’ve done in November is bake (and eat) cookies, but that’s not true.  I eat a lot of other things – they’re just not all photoworthy.  For example, my lunch today is a pb&j sandwich, hummus and celery.  As awesome as pb&j is, I don’t think anyone needs a picture of my bread.  I’m also certain that everyone already HAS a recipe for pb&j.  Just saying.

This past weekend, my band headed into the studio to record a song for a movie.  The recording went from 5pm till 1-2am on Saturday AND Sunday to work around our producer’s schedule.  Of course, that meant I had to bring food.  Because I’m that way.  So I baked the Supercharge Me! cookies from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.  I think it’s my new favourite cookie book (I don’t have VCIYCJ).  Yeah, I know it has tons of awesome recipes but for some reason, I’ve been more interested in the cookies.  So far, I’ve made 2 cookies from that book and just 1 other recipe which I heavily modified. 

Anyway, the cookies were yummy and everyone loved them, so yay!  They were also not very sweet, which was a good thing in my opinion.  The fruit in it was lovely and the chocolate chips provided just the right level of chocolatey-ness… if that’s a word.  In other words, bake this cookie if you want a cookie that’s not too sweet and that you won’t feel too too guilty eating (they don’t have a TON of sugar and they have coconut and dried fruit… see… that makes it all healthy, right?)

Oh and the waffle post from yesterday was brunch from Sunday morning for my band… yeah, I like to feed people 🙂 

Random pic of the drums from the studio.  Cause mic-d drums are kind of cool.

And yep, me playing guitar.  I look kind of spaced.  It was something like 9pm on Sunday night.  I was pretty dead.

And that’s all, folks!