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veganmofo 11: Waffle Love

17 Nov

I’m out of the office this week so that means that I’ve been terrible at veganmofo posts.  But here’s one.

I’ve always longed for a waffle iron or waffle maker.  But I’ve always been too cheap to buy one.  I finally sucked it up and bought one last Saturday.  And I got to use it at a brunch I hosted for some friends on Sunday morning!  I made the raised waffles and ginger pear waffles from Vegan Brunch and VWAV, respectively. 

Raised Waffles: These are amazing.  Seriously, they’re like waffle-shaped slices of fresh bread.  The yeast really gives it a bread-y taste.  It’s just chewier than bread, of course.  As you can see, I wasn’t very good at figuring how much batter to put into my waffle iron, even using measuring cups and following instructions.  I got a lot of non-rectangular cut-off waffles.  Whatever, it didn’t affect the taste any!

Ginger Pear Waffles: These had an awesome ginger-y flavour.  Couldn’t taste the pear flavour quite as well but they were still pretty good.  I don’t think pears are in season now anyways lol.

Reasons why I love my waffle iron:

  • Faster than making pancakes
  • Easier than making pancakes – pour waffle it and let it cook on its own, no need to worry about flipping the waffles

Last night, I saw a banana-oatmeal-raisin waffle recipe in VWAV or Vegan Brunch (I think).  I have a ton of bananas at home so I think I’m going to try that next.

And I haven’t run since Saturday since my band was in a studio recording during the weekend and I got 5 hours of sleep Sat and Sun night so I didn’t feel like running Sun and Mon morning.  I’m also working an hours’ drive (or so) away from home right now, so by the time I get home it’s dark and I’m too tired to run 😦  Last night I was super sleepy on the entire drive home so I decided not to run.

Sadly, I stepped on the scale this morning and I swear I’ve put 5 lbs on from the lack of running.  Ack!