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NaNoWriMo Day 12: Picking Up Steam

13 Nov

Words at start of day: 10,015/50,000 words

Words at end of day: 12,296/50,000 words

Yeah, that’s right.  I wrote 2,281 words in one day.  I think that’s my most to date.  I found this nifty thing: Write Or Die

It’s simple.  you set a goal and a timer and you write… the screen flashes red if you pause for too long.  For being such a simple program, it’s really added a boost to my writing.  See, I’d had this plan.  Every hour (or couple of hours ro so) at work, I’d take out 5-10 minutes to write as my break.  Sounded like a great idea – I figured I could write 400-500 words in this time (or any number of words, really) and it would help with my total words.  There’s a flaw in this plan though.  When I tried to write, I’d get distracted (ooh, let’s check this blog) or get stuck (ah crap, what’s next) and therefore get distracted (hey, what’s changed in this forum) or just not want to write. 

The Write or Die page is no different than just setting up a clock, right?

Wrong.  It feels different.  The page blinks at me.  There’s a timer.  There’s a word counter.  Therefore, I feel like I have to write.  So I do.  It’s great.  I ran it 3 times at work and once I night… i was just under 500 words the first 2 times and and just over 500 the last 2.  The best part is that even when I’m stuck, the flashing screen forces me to think faster… gives me some adrenaline, if you will.  So I come up with something to write.  And once I’ve started, the ideas generally keep flowing better and I tend to get myself a little bit “unstuck”. 

It’s awesome.  See, I’m going to catch up :S