veganmofo 3: The Joy Of Vegan Baking

3 Nov

Before I start my post, I have to say this: Dear Vegan MoFo, you are totally wrecking my commitment to NaNoWriMo.  The blogs are all so appealing and eye catching that all I want to do is surf Vegan MoFo blogs, not try to write 1,700 words of fiction a day.  *sigh*

Back to the post: I bought TJOVB off amazon back in Spring/Summer, about the same time that I ordered V-Con and VWAV.  However, upon leafing through it, it looked like a lot of recipes used egg replacer, which I don’t have any of and didn’t want to buy a box of.  I realize I could just re-replace the eggs with flaxseed but that requires work and I’m kind of lazy.

Anyway, I’ve been snacking a lot lately (bad jane!) and I was craving some baked goods.  Having given away the mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles (and let’s face it, they’re not exactly health food) I wanted to bake something that had some nutritional value to them.  I don’t keep a lot of baking ingredients around the house but I figured I’d leaf through TJOVB (hey, I wanted to bake!) and found the banana muffin recipe. 

The recipe in TJOVB calls for four bananas so I halved the recipe (I only had two in my freezer).  I halved (again!) the amount of sugar since I didn’t want the recipe to be too sweet and I’m already suffering a sugar overload from Halloween and VCIYCJ cookies and all that.  Well, it’s not that bad but I try to limit my sugar intake.  Banana bread has a crap ton of sugar in it for something that sounds so healthy.

I ended up with 4 big muffins (with walnuts sprinkled on top) and 3 medium ones with chocolate chips in them (I ran out of the large muffin cups).

See?  Pretty yummy.  They aren’t too sweet since I didn’t put all that much sugar in them and that’s probably a good thing. 

The one thing I disliked was that I could taste the baking soda in the final product.  I think this was likely partially because I halved the sugar.  I think the sugar would otherwise cover the taste.  However, I seem to recall the same thing the last time I made banana muffins or banana bread, which would have been back when I was omni (and the muffins/bread had both eggs and milk).  I’ve had this issue with other baked goods before (although I can’t seem to remember which ones right now) and it kind of sucks since baking soda has this weird after taste.  Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

And just so you don’t all think that all I eat is cookies and muffins, here is a shot of my healthy breakfast:

I eat this pretty much everday.  I love bananas, and I could eat them anytime.  I’m really secretly a monkey.


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