Oktoberfest 10k PR

19 Oct

TL;DR Version

0:57:53 chip time PR; met < 60 minute goal, didn’t quite meet the 55 min training plan goal

Long Story

Perfect day, sunny, temps around 7-10 deg.  I hit the 5k mark at a bit under 28 mins, but also hit all the hills after and thus ended up with a chip time of 57 mins and 53 seconds. 

After the fact: I maybe should have gone out a little slower and pushed harder in the second half.  Of course, easier said than done.  At that time, I probably just wanted to cut off the course and go home (the 7k marker is 2 blocks from my home).  But I’m mostly happy… would have been nice to have run closer to 55 mins but it was kind of a pipe dream anyhow.  I’m just amazed that I got through this training program without serious injuries.  Should not have done it, really, but I’m kind of a nut that way sometimes.

The race was well run, volunteers at frequent points on the road.  A lot of participants – I think around 1600 in total, with 752 finishers in the 10k.  Being Oktoberfest, the post race food that wasn’t fruit or bagels was primarily meat on a carb, so I had half a bagel and an apple.  Whatever, I wasn’t there for the food.  Then I jogged most of the way home and walked the last two blocks, then wanted to collapse.

Sadly, I then drove to mississauga and then had band practice upon return to waterloo, resulting in a really tired me on Monday.  I was going to do a 2mile recovery run on Monday but ended up telling the run to go take a hike.  I’m kind of excited for my winter training though… not much speedwork, just planning to get myself to a consistent 30-40 mile base by next Feb, when I start my HM training for the May Mississauga Marathon.  I have a trianing schedule that I’m going to tweak for the HM.  I want to run only on 5 days because I’m lazy and a wimp.

Did I tell you how much I hate interval runs?  I’ve never done a tempo run but I’m planning to put them into my HM training.  Oh hey look, I found a level 5 plan in this random book I got from the library that looks a bit more do-able than the level 6 plan.  Great, I can be less crazy now.

Long-term goal: run a half in 1:45.  I threw my 10k into the Daniels and Mcmillian calculators and they predict a 2:07 to 2:10 for a HM if I were to, say, jump into a training program now.  I think I’ve promised myself not to try a marathon until I can run a half in 1:45.  I may have to try a marathon for kicks before that… just to get a feel.  But I don’t really know if I’ll enjoy racing 26.2 miles.

I get the idea that eventually, i’ll jus stick to 5k/10k.  The 10k distance, when racing, seems a LOT longer than 10k when I’m just doing a nice, casual, steady run.  Lame.


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