Vampire Story #24361: Chapter 1 – Going Downhill Fast

5 Apr

It’s snowing, the skies are gray, and it matches my mood completely.

My week has been so terrible that even a two litre tub of cookie jar ice cream, pepperoni pizza and beer isn’t helping. I’m just about to get drunk again, for the second time in under twenty-four hours. Did I mention that it’s eleven. In the morning. On a Saturday.

But who cares. The week went downhill so quickly I didn’t have time to put the brakes on. And now all I can do is watch it run out of control. Nothing better than watching your life fall apart.

Monday was definitely my favourite way to start a week. I backed into a lamp post at the parking lot at work in the morning. I thought something was up with my side view mirrors and I guess the distances were a bit off. I wasn’t going very fast, but hitting solid concrete does not bode well for the car. Of all the stupid things to do. Of course, I did this in the morning before work, so I spent the rest of the morning at the auto body shop and on the phone with my insurance broker.

Tuesday got better. I got a call from my insurance company. I guess they decided that they wouldn’t pay to have my car repaired as it wasn’t worth it. I drive a ten year old Toyota Corolla so apparently the repair costs exceeded the fair market value of my car. I had the option of paying for the repair myself (which I can’t afford) or take the cheque for the value of my car. I chose the latter because the former wasn’t really an option at all. Unfortunately, three thousand dollars isn’t really enough for me to buy another car at the moment – at least, a car that actually runs and doesn’t look like it’s about to fall apart. So I’m kind of carless at the moment.

Wednesday I discovered that I won’t be buying another car in the near future. I got laid off at work as part of my company’s “cost containment” efforts. I realize that the economy is in the tank, but where I work, management has been bragging about our increasing revenues. But I guess the sky is falling so they’re laying off people anyway. And guess what. It’s apparently not even performance based. It’s based on seniority. They basically laid off everyone who has been there for less than a year. I’ve worked at Clark & Partners for eleven months, since I graduated from university. I’ve put in massive quantities of overtime. But I guess it doesn’t matter. I got a total of two weeks of severance.

Thursday my boyfriend of eight years, my high school sweetheart, decided that we should “explore” and “meet other people”. He’s been my only boyfriend and I’m his second and only long-term girlfriend. I thought that things were going well and that we’d be getting more serious soon and moving in together, but I guess that I’m just not very good at reading the signs. Apparently, bad things do come in threes.

Friday was my last day at work. I got to pack up my desk and have people walk guiltily around my cubicle, giving it a wide berth as if getting laid off is contagious. Everyone’s avoiding my eyes as if talking to me is prohibited somehow. I left early. You can’t fire me twice. And to celebrate my newfound joblessness, my friends and I went drinking early. We got there not long after 9pm and may have been one of the first few people there.

I woke up sometime this morning with a massive hangover, not sure of how I got from the bar back to my couch. I recall getting drunk and dancing dangerously close to various men, some of whom I know and most of whom I don’t. After that, there’s a gigantic hole in my memory. I don’t recall how long I stayed, where I went and how I got home, except that I woke up alone.

But apparently I did get home in one piece, with my purse intact. I am also, somehow, wearing most of my clothes. The piece that I am missing is, alarmingly, my underwear. Which means that some of the “dangerously close” dancing I did last night may not have been so innocent. But if I had hot breakup sex with someone, I don’t recall any of it, nor do I remember who it was with.


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