Vampire Story #24361: Prologue – Before and After

28 Mar

I realize that being a writer working on a vampire story is so popular now that it’s almost cliche. But in the absence of the book where I’ve been writing “Finding Daniella”, this is the next story that I’ve been planning to work on for a bit. I figured I’d post the beginning now.

The only vampire story I’ve really read is the Twilight series (which I do enjoy), so I don’t have a lot of material available for comparison. I typically write in a very conversational, happy manner. But I want to make this a twisted and dark story. I want this to be a different story. I want this to be a story that creeps into your head.

At least, I’ll try.


There was before, and there is after. Two worlds that were never meant to collide. It is a twisted mind that brought them together.

Before was a normal place. You would never have picked me out of a crowd. After is twisted and dark. You will never see me in a crowd again.

I never chose the after. I wish everyday that it’s just a nightmare. But nightmares shouldn’t hurt like this. You wake up from nightmares, but I live in one permanently.

Everything leaves a scar, and I have one. You’ll never see it, but it’s the one that hurts the most. It takes a perfectly normal reality and twists it. I don’t see what you see.

I see everything through a haze of black and red. What used to be reality has turned into a sort of perverted nightmare. And I don’t know what to do with it. My wants, my needs, war with the conscience I once had.

You will never see me again because I do not want to be seen.


One Response to “Vampire Story #24361: Prologue – Before and After”

  1. chontelledb November 15, 2009 at 2:47 am #

    cool! hey would u check mine out?

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