All The Pretty Things

22 Mar

I’ve always done a lot of blogging (most recently here), but it’s become more of a “bitch blog” recently. Or perhaps that’s what it’s always been – or maybe my head is just getting more and more messed up.

I realized that I don’t do a lot creatively these days outside of writing for my band, and the occasional extra song. Perhaps more relevant, I used to write a lot of short stories and poetry (not necessarily good short stories or poetry) and that’s not something I’ve done recently.

In my defense, working a full time job followed by spending most days at the gym or at band doesn’t tend to leave me with huge amounts of time to sit down and really write, but I’d like to try and get back into it.

Taking the idea from a friend’s blog, I’m going to try to post something “creative” everyday. It may be a story, a photo, poetry, an mp3, an opinion piece… whatever. I promise not to post any art… mostly because I can’t draw. It’s likely going to be work in progress (ie. it may not be finished, there may be errors, etc) but I don’t think that matters since the goal is to make myself do creative things again.

And I’ll even try to make sure that it’s something I’ve been working on recently as opposed to pulling out stuff that was written some time back.


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